Program - JSWORLD Conference 2024
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  • Doors Open

    Come to pick up your badge, merchandise, morning snack & coffee, tea or juice.

  • Simona Cotin

    Accelerating developer experience in Angular

    By Simona Cotin

    In this talk we’ll explore new features in Angular and how the improved developer experience is lowering the friction for building great experiences on the web.

  • Aashima Ahuja

    All About React 18

    By Aashima Ahuja

    Meta Engineer Aashima will tell us everything about React 18. This talk will focus on the new features introduced in React18, like Concurrency, Automatic Batching, Transitions, New Suspense & Server components. Where you will learn about how to upgrade your app to React 18, learn about concurrent rendering, automatic batching, use new hooks introduced useTransition and useDeferredValue, Replace useEffect with Suspense, Build application using server components and Improve bundle size with React server components.

  • Joe Hart

    Building Age Of Empires 2 with React: Rise of the Browser

    By Joe Hart

    How better to learn about the capabilities of a technology than to do something it was expressly not designed for? What can we learn about the square peg as we mercilessly shove it into the triangular hole? In an attempt to rebuild Age of Empires 2 using React we'll learn about the limitations and possibilities of the tool we use everyday.

  • Yann Braga

    State of Storybook 7

    By Yann Braga

    Storybook 7 is our first major release in 2.5 years. During this time we’ve been working hard to bring you a new level of stability, performance improvements and features. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. - Refreshed UI and performance (We’ve also refreshed the core UI patterns with subtle visual refinements, UX tweaks, and faster load times) - Interaction testing and test-runner - Simpler setup and maintainability: first-class Vite support, new frameworks integrations like Next.js, etc.

  • Morning Break

    Time to smell the love in every sip of sweet, delicious, creamy coffee. It's like a love letter in a cup, without the sappy handwriting.

  • Ashley Narcisse

    The Root of Auth Thingz

    By Ashley Narcisse

    An exploration into authorization (AuthZ) and the models we use to think about permissions in graphql. A lot of in depth implementations mainly tackle role-based or attribute-based model systems. This talk will go down the rabbit hole of relationship-based or graph-based permission models and how we can leverage it in conjunction with graphql to improve the authorization story for distributed and federated graphs.

  • Chance Strickland

    Fast Backends for Faster Frontends with Remix

    By Chance Strickland

    Focused on web standards and modern web app UX, you’re simply going to build better websites. Remix is a full stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web standards to deliver a fast, slick, and resilient user experience.

  • Jecelyn Yeen

    How browser automation works behind the scenes

    By Jecelyn Yeen

    This talk is about understanding the automation of JavaScript testing frameworks, and the challenges of browser automation. Jecelyn will discuss the current state of cross-browser automation, explain how it works behind the scenes, and share information about the upcoming browser automation protocol, WebDriver BiDi.

  • Yi Min Yang

    How to Leverage mobile app tests for API tests.

    By Yi Min Yang

    Co-Presenting with Ken Millard - APIs are the backbone of modern apps, and issues in mobile apps can be from APIs. Join this talk to learn how to test mobile apps on the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud and use the results for API testing and monitoring.

  • Lunch Break

    "Lunch break" because it "breaks" the day in half. Treat yourself with a mouth-watering 'free' lunch, high-quality food and drinks that will refuel your energy and make you ready to tackle the rest of the day like a javascript developer in the zone!

  • Kobi Nemni

    The tipping point of web development is here

    By Kobi Nemni

    A comprehensive platform that allows developers to write and integrate databases, frontend, and backend code, without dealing with peripheral requirements. Wix leads to faster and more efficient web development while adhering to contemporary web design standards.

  • Dimitri Mitropoulos

    Demystifying Protocol Buffers and gRPC

    By Dimitri Mitropoulos

    In this session, we will explore why and how Javascript developers should use Protocol Buffers and RPC to improve their frontend development. We will discuss how to stop relying on freeform RESTful APIs and GraphQL, and instead, move towards schema-driven API development. While Protocol Buffers and RPC have traditionally been viewed as tools for backend applications, listeners will gain an understanding of how to leverage them in their frontend projects to drastically improve developer productivity and codebase maintainability.

  • Anna Stepanyan

    Staging is Dead, Long Live Previews!

    By Anna Stepanyan

    Discover how to take your development workflow to the next level with Neon branching & Vercel Preview Deployments. Say goodbye to traditional staging environments & hello to efficient and modern full-stack previews that improve developer productivity and optimize CI/CD pipelines.

  • Afternoon Break

    Unleash your "inkakker" (Dutch for "midday slump") and let us fuel you up with delicious coffee, tea, snacks, and other beverages. No need to fight the midday slump, embrace it with us and enjoy a much-needed break!

  • Elian van Cutsem

    Astro - Less JavaScript, Faster website

    By Elian van Cutsem

    Astro is a static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible, while keeping the developer experience high. Let’s dig deeper in the Astro JavaScript Framework.

  • Fred K. Schott

    Creator of Astro

    By Fred K. Schott

    State of Astro in 2023, let's go deep on Type-safe Markdown and / or HoustonAI.

  • Giorgio Boa

    Qwik: web revolution by default

    By Giorgio Boa

    If you want to start a new project, there are so many frontend frameworks that drive you crazy. Introducing a new way to design web applications in Qwik. In this talk we will understand how Qwik is different from others and its new mental model that will change the future of the web.

  • Glenn Reyes

    The missing guide for deciding between 3rd party library and custom code

    By Glenn Reyes

    When we write new code, often times we might be like: “Come on, there must be something out there!” And most times there was already someone who faced the same problem... only that it's not quite the same. And then we ask ourselves: Should I use that 3rd party library? Or roll my own? If not sure, join this party to discuss the challenges and drawbacks, and explore architectural decisions to help make better apps and products.

  • Popcorn, Pizza & Drinks

    Pick up your slice of pizza, drink and popcorn to get ready for the Premiére of the React Documentary made possible by Honeypot

  • Premiéring the React Documentary

    This documentary explores the origins of React and how a small group of developers at Facebook helped it become the popular UI framework it is today. Featuring interviews with the engineers who were there from the beginning, including Dan Abramov and Sebastian Markbåge

  • DJ, Networking and Drinks

    Made Possible by Honeypot!