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  • Mettin Parzinski & Will Bishop

    Workshop Reusable Server Components in React

    By Mettin Parzinski & Will Bishop

    This workshop is here to help you master the art of creating scalable and maintainable components. You'll learn techniques for designing and implementing components that can be used in multiple parts of your React application, reducing code duplication and saving you time in the long run.

  • Travis McGeehan

    Preserving and Delivering Retro Game Footage for Modern Viewers with JS and WebGL

    By Travis McGeehan

    Watch retro games in higher quality than you've ever seen before!

  • Cristian Marquez

    Coding Automation Lesson #1: Please Be Lazy

    By Cristian Marquez

    Have you ever had to Google the same thing twice? Only to see those purple results to realize you’ve seen it before? In this talk, I will walk you through several automation tools that can help us as developers to find solutions without having to repeat ourselves.

  • Mesut Durukal

    Using Cypress to improve Test Reusability

    By Mesut Durukal

    Let's explore how we can achieve reusability with Cypress. I’ve implemented a test automation framework based on Cypress as a solution to minimizing duplication that I encountered during my project.

  • Shivay Lamba

    WebAssembly beyond the browser

    By Shivay Lamba

  • Lewis Voncken

    Next Level E-commerce - Horizon Storefront

    By Lewis Voncken

  • Dan Neciu

    Modern Testing Practices in Frontend Applications

    By Dan Neciu

    The Testing Pyramid is outdated with modern Javascript Frameworks. Now you can build and deploy multiple types per day and our testing pipeline and practices have to evolve to meet the needs. Dan is going to talk about other testing practices besides unit testing that can help you deliver clean and bug-free code.