JSWorld Conference

JSWorld Conference

  • 8, 9, 10 February
  • Theater Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

Connecting Global JavaScript Leaders

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JSWorld Topics

#1 JavaScript Conference on the Planet

A 3-day JavaScript Celebration together with 2139 JavaScript Developers. Packed with the Latest Technology updates like Turbopack, React, Vite, Vue, Angular, Next.js from Authors, Creators and Experts.

If you like to stay on top of the latest major updates in key frameworks like React, Angular and Vue this is the conference for you. JSworld Conference provides you with technical updates on the largest and hottest technologies alongside practical case studies on how to tackle your developer challenges.

You can not miss out on the #1 JavaScript Conference on the Planet. Join us from 8-10 February 2023 in Amsterdam.

Live React Documentary Premiére

Included in your ticket, on Wednesday 8th February at 19:00 we will be bringing you the Premiére of the React Documentary Live at Theater Amsterdam in collaboration with Honeypot.

Grab your Pizza, Drink and Popcorn and be in awe by the All Star Core Team Cast including: Dan Abramov, Sebastian Markbåge, Tom Occhino, Christopher Chedeau, Pete Hunt, Michael Chan, Lee Byron, Shane O’Sullivan, Adam Wolff, Sophie Alpert, Andrew Clark, David Nolen and Tony Casparro.

Who knows we might have another surprise ;)



  • chance-strickland.jpg

    Chance Strickland

    Core dev @ React Router + Remix Core

    • Remix logo

  • Photo of Emma Twersky

    Emma Twersky

    Angular v15

    • Angular logo

    What is new in Angular

  • Photo of Jessy The

    Jessy The

    Starting with Web3

      How to build a web3 App

    • Photo of Jecelyn Yeen

      Jecelyn Yeen

      Chrome DevTools

      • chrome-devtools-logo.png

      Browser Automation

    • Photo of Aashima Ahuja

      Aashima Ahuja

      Engineer at Meta | React 18

      • React logo

      All About React18

    • Photo of Ashley Narcisse

      Ashley Narcisse

      Apollo GraphQL team

      • 2048px-GraphQL_Logo.svg.png

      Root of Auth Thingz

    • Photo of Evan You

      Evan You

      Founder of Vue.js

      • vuejs
      • vite

      State of the Vuenion

    • Bjorn-Lu

      Bjorn Lu

      Svelte and Vite core team

      • Svelte_Logo.svg
      • vite

    • Phoyo of Debbie O'Brien

      Debbie O'Brien

      Playwright e2e advocate

      • playwright-logo-22FA8B9E63-seeklogo.com.png

    • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

      Sebastien Chopin

      Creator of Nuxt.js

      • nuxtjs.svg

    • 1-day Ticket (8 February 2023)

      €199 €399

      • Conference acces on Day 1
      • 15 JavaScript Updates
      • Core Members from Main Frameworks
      • Premiére of React Documentary
      • Practical Case Studies
      • Web3 Workshop
      • Breakfast and Lunch
      • All Day Drinks
      • Networking Mixer
    • 3-day Ticket (8,9,10 February 2023)

      €799 €999

      • 3-day Conference Access
      • 45 JavaScript Updates
      • Core Members from Main Frameworks
      • Premiére of React Documentary
      • Vite Core Team Updates
      • Vue Core Team Updates
      • Breakfast and Lunch & Drinks
      • Daily Networking Hours
      • Afterparty for Everyone
    Parallax impression
    • Great and free food
    • Giant screen, cinema seats
    • Theater Amsterdam

      Described by our global Javascript leaders as the "Most Impressive Venue I have ever seen". Vue Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. Diverse, world-class and free lunchtime catering. Comfy Cinema seats allowing you to open up your laptop if you wish to code along.

    • Twillio booth at JSWorld Conference
    • Uber promotion at JSWorld Conference
    • Become a Sponsor

      A unique opportunity to promote your company, product, service via our channels that include Employer Branding, Hiring and Exposure.. Join our list with previous top-tier sponsors like Uber, HBO Max, ABN Amro Bank, Shopware, Miro, Storyblok, Progress Software.

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