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  • Amsterdam
  • 45 JavaScript Sessions

Connecting Global JavaScript Leaders

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  • React 18

    • With Meta Engineer Aashima Ahuja
  • Angular 15

    • with Core Maintainer Simona Cotin
  • Storybook 7

    • With Core Maintainer Yann Braga
  • Photo of Fred Schott

    Creator of Astro

    Keeping the developer experience high with this static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible. Let’s dig deeper with Astro Creator Fred K. Schott

  • Evan You in podcast

    Creator of Vite & Vue

    The Official State of Vue and Vite by Creator Evan You!

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  • chance-strickland.jpg

      Chance Strickland

      Remix Core

      Sr. Software Engineer at Shopify. Passionate about design, user experience and accessibility with a focus on deep in the front-end; my primary tools are JavaScript, TypeScript, and React.

    • Photo of Jessy The

      Jessy The

      Starting with Web3

      Frontend Developer with big interest in web3, blockchain (development) and the Metaverse

    • Photo of Jecelyn Yeen
      Google logo

        Jecelyn Yeen

        Chrome DevTools

        DevRel working on Chrome DevTools. Tends to talk about web development, tooling and testing.

      • Photo of Aashima Ahuja
        Meta logo

          Aashima Ahuja

          Engineer at Meta | React 18

          Frontend Engineer at Meta talking about React. Frontend Content Creator based in Amsterdam. Ex-Booking.com

        • Photo of Ashley Narcisse
          Apollojs logo

            Ashley Narcisse

            Apollo GraphQL team

            Experienced in creating web applications using both custom and popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, as well as server-side frameworks and languages.

          • Photo of Evan You

              Evan You

              Founder of Vue.js

              Creator of the JavaScript framework Vue.js and the frontend build tool Vite based in Singapore.

            • Bjorn-Lu

                Bjorn Lu

                Svelte and Vite core team

                Web deveveloper at Astro Build core residency. Svelte.js and Vite.js Core Team Member from Malaysia.

              • Phoyo of Debbie O'Brien

                  Debbie O'Brien

                  Playwright e2e advocate

                  Debbie is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and has over 10 years experience in Frontend development. She has worked as a Tech Lead and consultant for many important clients with various technologies and often with a strong focus on performance, static sites and testing. She has lead teams both in house and remotely as well as giving workshops and training. She has many years of experience as a mentor for online learning platforms, Treehouse and OpenClassrooms as well as the Google Developer Expert program. Debbie is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, GitHub Star Alumni and Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, an Auth0 Ambassador and Nuxt Ambassador and previous Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies.

                • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

                    Sebastien Chopin

                    Creator of Nuxt.js

                    CEO at NuxtLabs and Author of the open-source web framework Nuxt based in France.

                  • Photo of Yann Braga
                    Storybook logo

                      Yann Braga

                      State of Storybook 7

                      Storybook 7 is our first major release in 2.5 years. During this time we’ve been working hard to bring you a new level of stability, performance improvements and features. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. - Refreshed UI and performance (We’ve also refreshed the core UI patterns with subtle visual refinements, UX tweaks, and faster load times) - Interaction testing and test-runner - Simpler setup and maintainability: first-class Vite support, new frameworks integrations like Next.js, etc.

                    • Photo of Pooya Parsa

                        Pooya Parsa

                        UnJS | Unified JavaScript Tools

                        Unified JavaScript Tools

                      • Photo of Philip Rakowski
                        Vue Storefront logo

                          Filip Rakowski

                          Storefront UI

                          Customization-first, performance-oriented and elegant UI framework for eCommerce (and not only) based on Vue.js and Google Retail UX Playbook.

                        • Photo of Giorgio Boa

                            Giorgio Boa


                            If you want to start a new project, there are so many frontend frameworks that drive you crazy. I found a new way to design web applications in Qwik. In this talk we will understand how Qwik is different from others and its new mental model that will change the future of the web.

                          • Photo of Elian van Cutsem

                              Elian van Cutsem


                              Astro is a static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible, while keeping the developer experience high. Let’s dig deeper in the Astro JavaScript Framework.

                            • Photo of Simona Cotin
                              Google logo

                                Simona Cotin

                                Angular Core Team

                                Engineering manager at Angular living in Zurich used to work for Microsoft as a Product lead for Azure Static Web Apps.

                              • Photo of Joe Hart

                                  Joe Hart

                                  Age Of Empires 2 with React

                                  How better to learn about the capabilities of a technology than to do something it was expressly not designed for? What can we learn about the square peg as we mercilessly shove it into the triangular hole? In an attempt to rebuild Age of Empires 2 using React we'll learn about the limitations and possibilities of the tool we use everyday.

                                • Photo of Fred Schott

                                    Fred K. Schott

                                    Creator of Astro

                                    By the Creator of Astro, what is new in 2023 and how to Build faster websites. Essentially a build system, Astro takes a promising new approach to front-end JavaScript. And it works with React, Svelte, Vue, and other popular frameworks.

                                  • Photo of Dimitri Mitropoulos

                                      Dimitri Mitropoulos

                                      Software Engineer

                                      In this session, we will explore why and how Javascript developers should use Protocol Buffers and RPC to improve their frontend development. We will discuss how to stop relying on freeform RESTful APIs and GraphQL, and instead, move towards schema-driven API development. While Protocol Buffers and RPC have traditionally been viewed as tools for backend applications, listeners will gain an understanding of how to leverage them in their frontend projects to drastically improve developer productivity and codebase maintainability.

                                    • Photo of Glenn Reyes

                                        Glenn Reyes

                                        Software Engineer

                                        Glenn is a software engineer, tech speaker and workshop instructor with a passion for building innovative products and beautiful user interfaces using cutting edge web technologies and open source software such as React, GraphQL and TypeScript. Aside from tech, you’ll find him either traveling, on a road bike or playing the guitar.

                                      • Photo of Anna Stepanyan

                                          Anna Stepanyan

                                          Head of Product

                                          Head of Product at Neon. Before Neon she has been building products for developers and led engineering teams at companies such as Booking.com and Undev. She is a results-driven empathetic leader who likes sailing, bird photography, cooking Georgian food, and doing fun meteorology projects with Grafana and Raspberry Pi.

                                        • Photo of Mariam Reba Alexander

                                            Mariam Reba Alexander

                                            Software Engineer

                                            Web technologies. Vue. Jest. Cypress. Web security. TDD. Automation. Software Engineer, Frontend community co-ordinator cum host and Cyber Security Champion member at Maersk. Passionate about frontend development, secure coding practices, testing, Devops, data analytics and automation. Occasionally writes blogs at https://dev.to/ms_74 and speaks at conferences. My goal is to make secure and quality solutions that benefits businesses and makes lives easier.

                                          • Photo of Yi Min Yang

                                              Yi Min Yang

                                              Senior Solution Engineer

                                              Yi Min is an experienced Solution Engineer based in Germany. He has been in the IT industry for over 10 years and worked in various roles, like Software Engineer, QA and IT consultant.

                                            • Photo of Kobi Nemni
                                              Wix logo

                                                Kobi Nemni

                                                Frontend Lead

                                                12+ years of experience in the area of designing and developing complicated web systems and mobile applications

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                                                • Major release updates

                                                  • How to React 18
                                                  • Rounding Angular 15
                                                  • Interesting Storybook 7
                                                  • What's Nuxt 3
                                                • Trending frameworks

                                                  • Astro's next-gen island architecture
                                                  • Qwik reimagined for the edge
                                                  • UNJS Unified JavaScript Tools
                                                  • Vite the next-gen build tool
                                                • In dept knowledge

                                                  • Auth in graphql
                                                  • Remix full-stack
                                                  • Protocol Buffers and GRPC
                                                  • CI/CD and preview environments
                                                • Best practices

                                                  • 3rd party library vs custom code
                                                  • Browser automation
                                                  • Age of Empires 2 in React ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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                                                • Great and free food
                                                • Giant screen, cinema seats
                                                • Theater Amsterdam

                                                  Described by our global Javascript leaders as the "Most Impressive Venue I have ever seen". Vue Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. Diverse, world-class and free lunchtime catering. Comfy Cinema seats allowing you to open up your laptop if you wish to code along.

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