JSWORLD Conference 2024


  • 28 Feb - 1 Mar
  • 2500 JavaScript Enthusiasts
  • 75 JavaScript Sessions
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More speakers to come!

  • Photo of Ken Wheeler

      Ken Wheeler

      Software Engineer @ Citadel Securities

      Creator of the Slick Carousel and Webpack Dashboard, and a co-host of @TheUndefinedIO.

    • Photo of Rachel Nabors

        Rachel Nabors

        Software Developer

        Former React Core team Member, lately bringing updates on a behind the scenes look at the design and development of the all-new React docs at react.dev. Rachel is also an author, speaker and teacher.

      • Photo of Kent C. Dodds
        • React logo

        Kent C. Dodds

        Software Engineer and Educator

        Kent C. Dodds is a JavaScript engineer, and teacher. He's currently working on EpicWeb.dev and he's the father of four kids.

      • Photo of Shai Reznik
        • Qwik logo

        Shai Reznik

        DevRel @ Qwik Framework & CEO @HiRez.io

        Qwik allows JavaScript developers to write any size app and have it load instantly, with no extra effort. It completely eliminates the need to manually optimize your app for performance, and that pays dividends especially as your app grows. Businesses gain better SEO ranking, conversions and User experience while developers can focus on building features instead of chasing after performance issues.

      • Photo of Lee Boonstra
        Google logo

          Lee Boonstra

          Software Engineer & Advocate for the Office of the CTO @Google

          Conversational AI Expert at Google: The Office of the CTO (OCTO) is a diverse team of highly experienced engineers and technologists, working on behalf of the Cloud CEO, whose mission is to foster market-disrupting collaborative innovation between Google and the world’s most ambitious organizations. The customers we engage have hard technical problems and strong brand identities. In 2022, the OCTO team is starting an incubation/acceleration program (called the “Applied Innovation Factory”) to test the boundaries on ideas that could cause strategic shifts in industry and GCP’s business. We seek impact in everything from futuristic computing issues to AI and Voice technology.

        • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

            Sebastien Chopin

            Creator of Nuxt.js

            Build your next Vue.js application with confidence using NuxtJS. An open source framework making web development simple and powerful.

          • Photo of Jessy The

            Jessy The

            Starting with Web3

            Frontend Developer with big interest in web3, blockchain (development) and the Metaverse

          • Photo of Anthony Fu
            • vite

            Anthony Fu

            Vite Core Team

            OS Contributor, Creator of Vitest, Slidev, VueUse, UnoCSS, Elk, Type Challenges and others. Core team member of Vue, Nuxt and Vite.

          • Photo of Minko Gechev
            Google logo
            • Angular logo

            Minko Gechev

            Angular Core Team @ Google

            The latest updates and releases within the world of Angular and what is still to come.

          • Houssein Djirdeh
            Google logo

            Houssein Djirdeh

            Senior Software Engineer @ Google

            Chrome Aurora Core Team Member and Senior Software Engineer at Google starting of in 2018 as a Developer Advocate.

          • Photo of Önder Ceylan

              Önder Ceylan

              Technical Lead @IKIGAI Ventures

              Puppeteer and Playwright | Önder has been working on building web and mobile apps in various development ecosystems since late 90s. JavaScript and web has always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at its full while working as an independent contractor. He believes in team work and he shares his knowledge with the communities as a co-organiser and speaker. He's also interested in photography, movies and dancing.

            • Photo of Jatin Ramanathan
              Google logo

              Jatin Ramanathan

              Technical Lead @ Google Wiz Framework

              Software Engineer at Google and technical lead of the Wiz Framework. Wiz which runs most of Google's consumer web apps.

            • Photo of Lucy Mair

                Lucy Mair

                Senior Software Engineer @CodeSignal

                How to introduce new technology at work | Senior Front-end Software Developer at Codat, where they work primarily in TypeScript and React, with a bit of F# thrown in to keep things interesting. Their main passions on the programming front are functional programming and testing. In their free time, they can be found either at their craft bench sewing a new outfit, tucked under a blanket knitting another bobble hat, or enjoying an art class.

              • Photo of Nikola Mitrovic

                  Nikola Mitrovic

                  Development Lead & Software Engineer @Vega IT

                  Loading Web Performance | Experienced JavaScript Software Engineer with 7 years in the industry. More skilled in Front-end Development, with high level of experience in working with Micro Front-end architecture, designing projects as a set of standalone components that include their own interfaces, logic, and storage, developing mini-applications independently, and composing them all together in the browser with different integration techniques. Passionate about web performance and ensuring the best possible User Experience of web applications.

                • Photo of Thijs de Maa

                    Thijs de Maa

                    Senior Software Engineer @bunq

                    Case Study: Rebuilding your Frontend | When Thijs rejoined bunq as the Frontend Lead, over fourteen different frontend projects were all built in many different ways, and even written in different languages. Over the course of a year, a new framework was built, and all fourteen projects were migrated to this new framework. The result: a monorepo, built in Typescript, with a unified way of writing code, writing tests, building new versions, and deploying, allowing bunq developers to ship higher quality code at record speed.

                  • Photo of Bakhtar Sobat
                    ABN AMRO logo

                    Bakhtar Sobat

                    Android chapter lead @ABN AMRO

                    Social butterfly with love for Android, Music and Football

                  • Photo of Talita Gregory

                      Talita Gregory

                      Software Engineer II @Spotify

                      Talita Gregory is a Software Engineer located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her current role at Spotify focuses on developing Backstage Plugins that address various aspects of Spotify performance, crashes, and many others aspects.              Alongside her professional endeavors, Talita is deeply committed to assisting others. She offers mentorship to aspiring developers as they navigate their journey into the industry, actively contributes to open-source projects, and provides technical support to non-profit organizations globally. Talita's passion lies in empowering individuals and making a positive impact within the software development community.

                    • Photo of Mitch


                        Curriculum consultant @CodeYourFuture

                        Workshop: Take it offline | full-time on the tech education team at Code Your Future. My role is to support the development of curriculum content and teaching practices to optimise the educational experience on our course.

                      • Photo of Peter Pistorius

                          Peter Pistorius

                          CEO and Founder @ Snaplet

                          Peter is building Snaplet because he hates how hard it is for developers to code against realistic data. He’s also a co-creator of RedwoodJS

                        • Photo of Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

                            Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

                            Cofounder @Tauri Apps

                            Open Source Advocate and the co-founder of Tauri Apps. He currently occupies the seat of Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Tauri programme, which is the commons-focussed governance body for the greater Tauri community. His work over the past decades has been at the intersections of technology and culture, with a dash of philosophy and heaping portions of compassion. He is the CEO of CrabNebula, a company partnered with Tauri and offers tools to make devs' lives better and their apps more robust. He lives and works in Malta.

                          • Picture of Largest Community Day in the World

                            Largest Community Day in the World

                            Be part of the Largest Developer Community Gathering on the Planet! 23,000 sqm of exhilirating Tech Expo with the Latest Gadgets in Tech. A disneyland for Developers with Dota & CS Tournaments, Coding Challenges, 3D Printing and more!

                          • Picture of 3-days JS Celebration

                            3-days JS Celebration

                            The JavaScript Event of the year you can not miss if you want to be kept up to date by Creators, Authors & Maintainers on the Latest in JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries & Toolings.

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                          • Major release updates

                            • How to React 18
                            • Rounding Angular 15
                            • Interesting Storybook 7
                            • What's Nuxt 3
                          • Trending frameworks

                            • Astro's next-gen island architecture
                            • Qwik reimagined for the edge
                            • UNJS Unified JavaScript Tools
                            • Vite the next-gen build tool
                          • In dept knowledge

                            • Auth in graphql
                            • Remix full-stack
                            • Protocol Buffers and GRPC
                            • CI/CD and preview environments
                          • Best practices

                            • 3rd party library vs custom code
                            • Browser automation
                            • Age of Empires 2 in React ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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                          • Giant screen, cinema seats
                          • Amsterdam Prinsengracht
                          • Beautiful Amsterdam

                            Join us in Amsterdam with your team for 3 days of team bonding fun; come and enjoy the Beautiful Canals one of the many heritage sites or Museum's, and amazing diversity in Restaurants, bars and Nightlife. Join us with your team to bond and to make connections for life.

                            The first 2 days will be organised at Theater Amstredam; described by our global Javascript leaders as the "Most Impressive Venue I have ever seen". Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. Followed by day 3 at the Largest Convention Centre in The Netherlands; RAI Amsterdam together with 7,500 Software Engineers. A disneyland for Developers with Geeky Festival Vibes you have never seen before!