What to expect from JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference 2022

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What to expect from JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference 2022

This year, JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference welcomes you back to to in-person conferences on 1-3 June 2022,at the enthrall Theater Amsterdam, described by speakers as “the greatest venue in the world.”

When and Where?

JSWORLS-Frontend Love will take place both live and in-person at Theater Amsterdam on 1-3 June 2022.

Make sure not to miss your chance! Find out more here.

You have the option to attend the conference in person, or live. You choose what’s more convenient for you – we make it happen!!!

What Will I Learn?

JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference is a three-day in-person conference and is the -largest JavaScript conference on the world. We are bringing you up to 40+ JavaScript professionals to talk about the latest and greatest in JavaScript.

With topics on future proof technologies, the latest of Tech for the web, everything to measure and optimise your JavaScript code, crafting the experience for a better web, taking the component mindset to the next level, all of the tooling that you need as a developer to build better systems, and more, this is a must-attend conference for those wanting to level up as JavaScript developers.

What about Covid19?

All measures will be taken in accordance with the Dutch Government guidelines to secure a safe environment for everyone during the conference. If you want to learn more about the measurements click here.

Where Can I Secure My Ticket?

You can already secure the tickets here. You can also stay up to date with conference news by attending the LinkedIn event.

We can’t wait to finally be back in person and celebrate with JavaScript communities from all around the world.

See you there!